ACTIV strives to undertake sailing adventures where few, if any, have ever sailed before. We have mapped the seabed in the unknown waters of Greenland, made landfall further north on the east coast of Greenland than any other non ice-breaking sailing ship has ever done before, and we've brought along scientists and artists as a dynamic refuge, giving them the rare opportunity of cooperating in an expedition. 

Activ is a vigurous lady - build, maintained, equipped and manned to go anywhere on the globe, which we do, in the effort to accomplish what no one has done before. We operate worldwide and undertake expeditions in the High Arctic as well as in the tropics in the southern hemisphere.


Expedition vessel

What qualifies a  wooden cargo ship from 1951 as an expedition vessel?
The required technology for scientific investigations have become much more compact and portable over time, meaning that we're  capable of doing scientific research that wouldn't have been possible on the same size of vessel earlier. We have both eyes and ears - we can make hydrographic seabed investigations, acoustically measuring the density of the seabed down to +50 metres, and we can do it while under sail - therefore not disturbed by propeller or engine. We have an underwater camera to capture what passes under water. With our 3.35 m draft we can operate where most other research vessels cannot due to their much larger draft. 

Activ has multiple practical benefits when it comes to scientific expeditions. However, the aesthetic, cultural and historical aspect of Activ, that was formerly operating as a supply vessel on the Greenland east coast, adds to the list of accomplishments that are undertaken.  When arriving to small settlements in Greenland with Activ, we briefly become a part of their history and we represent the merits of the former sailors who were the lifeline for numerous settlements along the coast. We strive to invite local population aboard and explain what we are doing. This is somewhat different from the big modern research vessels that tend to keep a distance to the communities when operating in the fjords of Greenland.


Dynamic refuge


Activ serves as a dynamic refuge, a place of exchange of ideas and exploration for people who have the capacity to evolve together and bring forth new understanding and approach to the benefit of mankind. In essence we have picked up a long lost thread from the time of enlightenment, where the pioneering sail driven expeditions were undertaken with a multidisciplinary effort. Besides scientists of a broad observation we incorporate painters, authors and other capacities within the world of art, culture and communications aboard. The synergies that derive from this approach has led to an outstanding outcome for all participants.


Movie set


Activ has been used for several movies and TV-series throughout the time, including Moby Dick, Finding Home, The Arctic Giant, Gold Coast and Expedition to the End of the World, with new projects ahead. Each production has its very own vision, its own interpretation of Activ and how to visualize it. We've cast off the slough several times, dressing ourselves to match a different story, another historical epoch, a new atmosphere, but the ship, the foundation, the core, remains the same.