Martin De Thurah

My experience with Activ is unique.  
I support this project as it has rewoken a forgotten perspective. Like when you start in school, you dont know the rules - and as an artist when you start out - you just experiment. This feeling of boldness toward the world, initially comes up in you when you get on the boat - i felt like reconquering the world.  

You exist on the boat, you eat together, you jump in the sea, you talk about mammoths and politics, you eat a raw sea urchin, you dont need to shower or be anything specific and you cant hide - this intimate contact with the world and each other is strong and special.


It gives the feeling of “the possible”. - a feeling of openness to the world, and on a very basic level simply asks us   what we can do in this life - something which we often can forget - the lust to want to go and discover, to stay up late, to spill over, and share…   you get generous.  
You step out of time as time changes - it is a time machine, a teleporter which itself is breath taking.   This is the face of Activ and this is how Activ meets the world.   The ship represents a potency of the curious mind, it transport our curiosity to the utmost.   Therefore Activ is to be seen as an important space for thinkers, artists, scientists and people in general who are curious.   It makes you rethink “the possible”.   I highly support the idea and ideas to come, and would like to participate in preserving this unique platform in the world.