Andri Snær Magnason

"In a disconnected world we see a growing need for cross pollination and collaboration. Science, social studies, literature and art - everything becomes more and more specialised where ideas live and die in a closed cycle without reaching the general public or our collective psyche. Real paradigm shifts happen when Ideas cross back and forth through all fields, when art inspires science and creates space to think beyond and when science inspires art to go further.

On the Activ we have seen how life flourishes when cold water meets warmer seas, when fresh water meets salt water, how birds appear where there is life in the deep. The Active is a perfect place for cross pollination, the history and grace of the boat is inspiring, the space is neutral, as science and art arrive on a mutual level, the boat is inviting and fun, it is majestic and still modest, it invites people to come and learn and be learned from. Capturing the winds connects us with the earliest travels of man and preserves knowledge we will need in a carbon free future. In a fast changing world, we need places like the Activ."